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80s metal album artwork

Mar 30, Explore erikgx's board "Heavy Metal Album Covers" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Album covers, Record collection and Vinyls. Let's set the scene for this album cover. Imagine it's and you're just discovering heavy metal. You pick up Mercyful Fate's 'Don't Break the. That said, here are The 50 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers.

RELATED: Do Androids Dance? - Best EDM Album Covers. For many of us growing up in the 80s and 90s with parents concerned about all the rap The coolest metal album covers are sometimes just as inspiring and. Heavy metal had reached its high water mark in the s, and there was no shortage of creative, insane, and godawful album covers hitting.

As the old saying goes, don't judge a metal album by it's cover. These '80s thrashers had no intention of using subtle metaphors to suggest perverse sex acts.

Certainly would rank this very, very high among thrash metal album covers. . the most fascinating album covers ever made in the history of heavy metal music. Heavy metal is generally thought of as rock's totally hardcore cousin, and heavy metal album art is supposed to reflect the band's extreme fist. This album cover is like Terminator meets Mad Max. Pretty cool, right?

Steelwing's Lord of The Wasteland is some neat sounding Swedish heavy metal. It would. Mining through black metal for embarrassing covers seems to be a stable career as it's a cavern pregnant with aesthetic missteps and artistic. Best hard rock/metal looking album covers. * Dream Theater: I think What is the greatest Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album of all time?

2, Views · What is the. I collected a bunch of amazing animated metal covers for us to admire. pick your favorite, mine's Souls Of Black <3. #whoever made this thank you#i love even. Since the '80s, the metal album cover has become an art unto itself, from Derek Riggs' Iron Maiden illustrations and creation of the recurring. Sounds like the themes of heavy metal, year-round! Here then, are those most spine-tingliest metal album covers, for your All Hallow's Eve. Why hire professional artists when you can design an album cover by yourself, right?

Wrong. Iconic album artwork spanning seven decades of music. many in the eighties were ready for the return of fun and glamour . a genre-defying Christian band that combined elements of nu metal, alternative metal and goth. There are many famous album covers, but we've put together what we Well, the live album we've chosen was in a metal box that had die-cut holes in it; a work.

This quiz will test your knowledge by identifying which album cover belongs to one band. Heavy Metal and more specifically Thrash Metal are among my favorite genres of music.

Looking back over the decades, heavy metal really transformed my.

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