How do you remove car battery terminals

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To disconnect a car battery, start by turning off the engine and opening the hood so you can access the battery. Wear eye protection when working with the battery to protect your eyes from sparks. Locate the positive and negative terminals on the battery. The positive terminal will be marked with a “+,” and the negative battery will be marked with a “-.” If there are plastic caps over the terminals, remove those now. Next, use a wrench to unbolt the negative battery cable. Be careful not to touch the negative and positive terminals at the same time with the wrench or you could create a spark. Lift off the negative battery cable and set it aside. Then, unbolt the positive battery cable and lift that off too. If the battery is still stuck, you’ll need to use a socket wrench to unbolt the clamp that’s locking the battery in place. Otherwise, lift the battery out of the vehicle, and you’re done! For tips from our reviewer on removing and cleaning your car battery, read on!